12 Ways to Slay ‘Me Time’


So, it’s been one heck of a long day: you’ve been swamped with paper work, meetings, demands from your boss, crises in the workplace, coworkers who don’t work—and you come home to even more work: a messy home, a family and/or pets to take care of. Girl- after the day you’ve had, you better take time to take care of yourself.

 “But what if I don’t have time?”

Uhm. Make time! It is so incredibly important to have time to yourself. I know; this post screams narcissism. BUT- you’ll feel so much better afterwards! Don’t forget that stress can cause aging, and I know ya’ll don’t want that.

Alright, enough preachin. Let me show you 11 ways to slay “me time” like the boss lady you are!

Take a hot bath

Yes this is generic, but put on some music, light a few candles, throw in a bath bomb, and BAM! Relaxation in a tub.

If you’re one of those people who thinks baths are disgusting cesspools, then take a shower instead. Showers can be relaxing when you have no where to go!

Read something!

Read a magazine, a book, anything to help you relax and unwind.

Give yoga or meditation a try!

I can’t stress (haha) this outlet enough to y’all. Yoga has helped me tremendously when it comes to relieving stress and coping with anxiety. There’s no thinking required.

Give yourself a manicure!

I’m cheap af, so I stay away from nail salons. If that’s your thing, then go for it! Being pampered by yourself or someone else is definitely a treat and a great way to forget about the chaos for a while.

Take a nap!

Hey girl, the phone’s for you- your couch is calling! Take a snoozer! You will feel so refreshed afterwards. If you can’t fall asleep with everything running through your head, then open some essential oils and turn on some music.

Go get a massage!

You can’t tell me that this doesn’t sound amazing. Look on Groupon for massage deals!

Deep breathing/Meditation

Some of you are thinking, ‘this is so stupid.’ Well what doesn’t work for you might work for someone else. If you’re one who deals with anxiety this could be beneficial to you, especially when it comes to winding down. Once you get into it, you become so in tune with your body.

You can download a meditation app; they will walk you through breathing exercises and meditation methods. It’s easier to be shown how to do it rather than have me try to butcher the explanation!

I like using The Mindfulness App.

Take a walk

Sometimes all you need is to look at something pretty (besides yourself). Exploring a nature infested trail, or even a pretty park, is a great way to walk off some steam!

Find a DIY project

Hop on Pinterest and find a fun DIY project! It’s nice to get lost in something and forget about the world for a little bit. Besides, who doesn’t like fun little projects?

Grab a drink!

I’m not encouraging drinking when things go wrong, because that’s not the solution to your problems! Having a glass of wine or cracking open your favorite beer on your patio every now and again might save your sanity.

Treat yourself to something!

Go buy yourself something. It doesn’t have to be clothing or accessories, it could even be food! Shopping alone is a good way to be selfish and get in that time you need to yourself!

Go do something you love.

When it comes down to it, do something you love. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you’re taking at least 30 minutes out of your day to pay attention and take care of yourself. Avoid burn out while you can!

How do you guys show self care?

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