3 Things I do to Snap Out of the Comparison Game


Is anyone tired of the body positive movement? I sure as heck ain’t (sorry my inner red neck is coming out). I used to hate my curves. I would observe girls my age (in high school) and envy their slender, toned bodies. They could probably find jeans that fit them without a hastle, right?

Well, I thought I was right. Jean shopping can be a struggle for any{body}, not just big girls (and guys!) I had friends smaller than me, and they would come to me with their lack of fitting room confidence, because I knew what they were going through. And we all compared ourselves to other girls. Some people make it seem so easy, but when reality hits, it’s not. Let’s be real; body issues can happen to any size, and any gender.

It’s so hard to not compare yourself to others, but it’s something that comes easy to us. Whenever I catch myself comparing my body to others, I stop and bring myself back to reality with these three things.

If you catch yourself staring down other people out of envy, give them a mental compliment.

Okay, as crazy as this sounds, this helps me snap out of the comparison game. Turn that negativity in your head into some positive compliments. I’m like a cheerleader, but in my own head: “WOO HOO! YOU GO GIRL. ROCK THOSE LEGS.” Creepy? I’m not trying to be. You get the point.

For every jealous thought you have, compliment yourself.

Let’s say you had three negative, jealous thoughts about someone else. Well, now you have to come up with three, positive compliments for yourself. You know, maybe you don’t have their one physical feature you’re obsessing over, but you have another physical feature that knocks people’s socks off. Focus on the good things. Show yourself some love!

Remind yourself how mean people can be.

That sounds messed up, right? But why fuel the fire? If you were to actually say all of these negative thoughts you have toward someone you probably haven’t met, how would you feel about yourself? We should be building each other up, even if you’re not saying your thoughts out loud. There’s too much negativity in the world; we need more positive vibes from each other.

I have to remind myself: every{body} is made differently and that’s what makes all bodies unique and beautiful. The comparison game is only going to keep barriers up and divide us even more. Let’s become more accepting and love ever{body}.

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