5 Things High School Doesn’t Teach You


Let’s be honest: adulthood isn’t always glamorous, but I would never waste one of my three wishes on the chance to relive my high school career. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for the musical opportunities and amazing people I met during high school, but I don’t miss being treated like a child or having curfews.

Being an adult means actually having to take care of yourself, and some of us struggle with that on the daily. Sometimes I wish I would have learned more about how to be an adult when I was still in high school. After graduation they handed you a piece of paper and basically said, “welp, here ya go, good luck, you figure it out lol.” My parents never made an effort to cover the basics of adulthood, so here I am trying to figure things out on my own.

Here are the 5 things they don’t teach you in high school:

How to deal with feelings

Feelings suck, right? They suck even more when you’re stuck in your teen years. No one ever teaches you how to handle your feelings, let alone how to talk to someone about them. I bottled up all of my unwanted thoughts and feelings until I had a huge mental breakdown, lost almost all of my friends, and dropped out of college, which is never fun. Now that I’m 23, I can gladly say that I’ve grown up and I now know how to actually talk through what I’m feeling instead of running away from it.

How to make friends

So most of us usually find some kind of group that we naturally belong to, and Bam, you have friends. I was a band kid from elementary school until my sophomore year of college, and I always made friends from that group alone. Once I stopped playing my instrument, I realized real quick how hard it is to meet people as an adult.

How to manage money

I can’t be the only one who thinks this: why don’t they teach some kind of money managing class in high school? I want to kick my teenage self in the butt for not learning how to save and manage money. It would have been very helpful for myself in the future! This would be so beneficial for any high schooler. Even if you aren’t planning on going to college, you need to learn how to save for a car, a deposit on an apartment, or a down payment on a house. You can’t do this if you spend all your money on clothes and coffee.

How to be a decent person

They needed a class called “How not to be a dick 101”

How to live your life

Everyone was so stuck in the rut of “I have to be more popular than the least popular people in school.” That meant: finding an acceptable clothing style, finding a group, and finding friends so that you weren’t alone or coming off as a freak. Yes, you should have friends, because friends are amazing and they make life more fun. BUT- none of high school matters. Instead of worrying who I was going to sit with at lunch, or what I was going to wear, or wasting my time chasing guys who treated me like dirt—I wish I would have stopped to enjoy life.

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