6 Social Media Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore


Alright guys and gals—we are dating in a time where, unfortunately, side chicks and dudes prominently exist, and it’s becoming harder and harder to find a loyal partner. I don’t know about y’all, but I have had an extremely difficult time finding guys who are faithful and willing to commit. Throwing social media into the mix makes matters even more difficult.

1) Your S/O won’t post pics of you guys together.

So this isn’t necessarily a red flag, especially if your guy or gal just isn’t into social media. Which is okay! But if they constantly post pics of their friends or dogs and bypass pics of you, and you’ve been together for over a year, then there might be something fishy here. They could be hiding you from their friends and family; that’s a slap in the face if you ask me.

2) Your s/o doesn’t want you to post pictures of you two together

If the person you’re with goes out of their way to keep you from posting pics of you two together, then something is definitely wrong here. If they don’t want an online presence because of work or something personal, okay. I support those who don’t want to put their relationship on social media, but even my extremely reserved friends have showed off at least one picture of their s/o on insta.

3) Your S/O doesn’t want to take pictures together

Let’s think about this: If the relationship is as fresh as the brownies I just pulled out of the oven, then this is probably for the best. If you’ve been together for over a year and you’re planning a future together, then it makes sense to have oodles of pictures together.  

4) They tell everyone on social media how gorgeous/handsome they are, but never you

It’s fine to compliment someone on social media (I’m guilty!), but there’s an obvious line that doesn’t need to be crossed here. That line is doing this consistently versus every now and then. You don’t deserve to be ignored like that!

5) They only message you on Snapchat

Why would someone you’re supposed to be dating only message you on Snapchat? Maybe because those messages disappear?

6) They’ve blocked you on a/multiple social media platform(s)

So I’ve had this scenario happen: I was dating this guy, and he blocked me on every social media platform. That is a major red flag; what is he hiding? What does he not want me to see?

What are some other red flags you have experienced with social media while dating someone?

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