6 Tips to Ease That New Job Anxiety


New things are exciting! BUT if you have anxiety new things are a sign of change- and are we ready to cope with that change? Probably not. What if something bad happens? Will I be able to get on board? Will I be able to sleep? What if someone judges me because I can’t get over this change? Will this change be the death of me? Can they smell my fear? WHY ARE WE CHANGING THINGS??

And, as you know, the “what if” list goes on. New things don’t have to be scary- especially when it comes to a new job. I know us: even though a new job is a good change, we’re still going to over thing and lose sleep over it. So how can we ease that new job anxiety?

1) Remember that everyone there has been new at some point.

EVERYONE who was hired at this place was new at one point in time. If you’re nervous about being new, just remember that. And if other people are new with you, befriend them so you’re not as nervous.

2) Get your routine down.

Even thought I’m still in my training phase at my new job, I’m still trying to find some kind of familiarity when I come into the office. I come in, say hello to everyone in my little cubicle area, take my lunch to the fridge, grab some coffee, go back to my desk and check emails and voicemails until I meet with my new hire training group. A familiar routine keeps me focused and then I have somewhat control over what’s happening that day.

3) Meditate

If your anxiety is getting to you that bad at work, or even before, then take some time to ground yourself. It’s okay to feel anxious; your anxious feelings are valid. But, if you can help it, knock those anxious thoughts on their ass. Breathe. Remind yourself that you can do it, and that everything is going to be okay.

4) Kick that Impostor Syndrome to the curb

You may sit there and tell yourself a fun little anxiety driven story where you’re the main character and you list all the reasons why you’re not good at this job, and don’t have adequate skills, knowledge, or experience. You’re not a fraud. We all start somewhere, and if you’re just starting out you may not have all of this experience that others have and that’s okay! You’ll gain more experience and knowledge, and who knows, you’ll probably pick up so many more skills!

5) Don’t sweat mistakes

My new supervisor has told me time and time again, that the worst thing you could do here is run your car into the side of the building. You’re new, cut yourself some slack. You’ll learn about everything, don’t worry! You may not be good at it at first, but that’s okay! You’re new. You’ll get the hang of it.

6) Make connections at work

I know, for a lot of us with anxiety this is really hard to do. BUT if you want to ease your anxiety, then you need to make connections and get to know some of your co-workers. If they’re new too, you guys can be newbies together. Once you start to get to know people, you’ll make friends, and friends make anxiety tolerable. Plus, they can give you the ins and outs that your higher ups won’t give you.

Anxiety isn’t fun to deal with; especially in new places. Once I started reminding myself of these 6 things, my transition into my new work place has been a little bit easier. New jobs don’t have to be scary; it’s a new opportunity to show this company what you’re made of. Go out there and be fierce. Kick your anxiety in the face.

11 thoughts on “6 Tips to Ease That New Job Anxiety

  1. It’s been a week at my new job and it’s quite intimidating if I’m honest. I work in a hospital pharmacy (inpatient) and it’s a lot to learn. I tend to overthink to the point that I get flustered. However, I remind myself that it’s gonna take time to get used to everything and to develop my own system. Each day is just an extra day to get better ♥️

    1. I’m the same way!! You’re not alone. YES. You’ll get your own rhythm and own that pharmacy in no time! We all have to start somewhere. 🙂 You can do it! Don’t forget to breathe ❤

  2. This is a great post! I need to make a conscious decision to embrace my mistakes. If I don’t, they can ruin me in a heartbeat. New jobs are scary sometimes and the anxiety can be overwhelming for sure. I really liked the calming way you wrote this post too!

  3. Oh, how I hate changes! I just can’t handle new things but at the same time, I know it’s a good thing too if I want to grow as a person (and sometimes there’s no choice). Thank for sharing your tips! I’m in the process of finding a new job so there’s going to be “new job anxiety” soon lol.

    xoxo Simone | https://beautymone.com

    1. No problem, love ❤ I hate change too. It’s hard to handle sometimes, but you’re right it’s also a good thing if you want to grow!

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