6 Tips to Make Your Mornings Easier


My current position requires me to be at work at 5:00am (ew), which never used to be easy for me, and frankly, sometimes it’s still a pain in the arse. On the mornings that aren’t easy: 1) I am usually not in a good mood (2) I’m late (3) I end up forgetting to do something/grab something.

BUT. I’ve been changing the way I do my mornings. Why? Because it makes my mornings WAY easier, and I end up in a better mood if I’m well prepared for the next day. I prep for the next day the night before. Does that take time away from my comfy bed? Sure, BUT I can spend those precious minutes I would waste in the morning, fumbling around to get my life together, on something so much more productive.

My anxiety is what mainly gets in the way of my morning routine. I’ll start a task, second guess myself a million times/think about all worst possible scenarios, and before I know it, I’m 10 minutes behind. Planning ahead eases my anxiety; that’s why I do these six things the night before to help my mornings become a breeze.

1) Lay out your clothes

You may have flash backs of your mother telling you the same thing. BUT– don’t roll your eyes. Laying out your clothes the night before is a time saver when it comes to your morning routine. AND you’ll wake up knowing you’ll look like a boss going into work. For me personally, this also helps relieve my anxiety. If I’m running late, I start to second guess every freaking outfit I pick out. If this sounds like you, too, then this will put your mind at ease.

2) Plan out your make up routine

You probably already have a morning makeup routine, but make sure you plan out what unique products you want to use. There have been so many times where I get cocky and want to try a brand new eye makeup look and 100 new products before work. Has that worked for me? LOL no. If you have this magical skill, I applaud you.

3) Make your lunch

If you take your lunch to work, make it the night before. Or the week before if you’re into that sort of thing (aka meal prepping). Making your lunch will save you So. Much. Time. Your parents aren’t there to make it for you, ya know. If they are, I’m not sure if I should be jealous or concerned.

4) Make your breakfast

There are so many things you could do to make your breakfast ahead of time. You could plan out a smoothie in a bag for every day of the week. That way, all you have to worry about is your base and a yogurt if you so choose to add. You could also batch cook waffles or pancakes and freeze them. Just pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds-1 minute and BAM. A worry free morning.

5) Prep your coffee maker

You can prep any coffee maker ahead of time. You can put water in your good old 12 cup coffee maker and your new Keurig. If you use a french press or pour over, you can at least grind the beans you want to use. (Store them in a container or bag so they don’t lose flavor).

6) Keep your things in one place

Clustering your purse, keys, etc., together will help you be able to A) grab everything at once and (B) not forget everything at once. Just don’t forget to grab your lunch! Or shoes.

Even if you added one of these tips to your morning prep routine, you would save so much precious time. You could be using that extra time to hit snooze a few times, meditate, workout, read, make your bed, shower, run a marathon, you don’t know.

23 thoughts on “6 Tips to Make Your Mornings Easier

  1. Planning out my mornings help out so much during my work week. Being a person who can get easily flustered, planning and organizing for me over the years has been super beneficial ❤️

  2. Love these tips! I recently made a big batch of iced coffee for my fridge (and talked about how on my blog) and it’s been a lifesaver for easy mornings!

  3. Great tips thank you! It is so much easier to get out of bed knowing majority of things you need to do have been done the night before! Although I still don’t think I’d be any good at getting up And ready before 5am haha!!

    Georgia Rose | http://www.justgeorgiarose.com

  4. You and I are tuned in to the same wave. I literally don’t like my mornings to feel rushed or hasty. I like to move smooth, calm and paced. I especially do 1, 2 & 6 religiously lol

  5. Mornings are really so tough for me too. I find it hard to believe that there really are people that exist that thrive in the mornings since I am a night owl. It’s impressive that you get to work at that time & have a make up routine!

    1. I only wore makeup so I wouldn’t look like a zombie hahaha Mornings will always be my enemy LOL Those true morning people need to teach me a thing or two

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