7 Precautions to Take Before Dating Someone Online


It seems like everyone you talk to finds their dates and relationships through dating websites and apps. In the world that we live in today, we never know who we’re going to meet online. It might be annoying, or inconvenient to take 100 different safety precautions before going on a date from an app, but your safety is not an inconvenience. Here are 7 quick tips to keep your safety in check.

Google ’em :

You’ve been lectured many times by other sites and what not, BUT you need to know who you’re going on a date with.

Have your friends Google ’em:

When I tell my friends I’m going on a date, they hop right on the internet and social media to see what they can find.

Don’t give out personal information:

Just like your parents have probably have been telling you since you were in elementary school.

Meet in public:

Choose a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, anywhere that has traffic. Do you really want to go to this person’s place that you’ve never met before?

ALWAYS tell someone where you’re meeting:

You never know what could happen in a world like today. I don’t care how old you are, give someone you trust all of your date details. If you have an iphone, give that someone your location.

Drive separately:

It doesn’t matter how long you guys have been talking online for, you still haven’t met this person yet.

Don’t ignore your gut:

If you have a bad feeling before or during your date, it’s okay to tell them no or split early. Listen to your gut. Better safe than sorry my friend.

Bottom line guys: just be aware and be safe out there. Online dating is a great way to get out there and meet people. Heck, you may even meet your soulmate on there! But don’t forget about your safety.

What other precautions do you guys take when online dating?

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