8 Reasons Why You Should Splurge


So, you find yourself walking around Nordstrom Rack (or where ever you find yourself) trying to conjure up all the reasons why you do/don’t need whatever it is that you’re death clutching in your hands. I’ve been there my friend and it isn’t easy! If you want to talk yourself out of that amazing deal in your hands then go right ahead. If you’re choosing between your splurge and paying the bills—I’m not here to encourage you! PAY YOUR BILLS. Splurging shouldn’t put you into financial trouble!

Let’s go down our adultish check list first.

Have you:

Paid all of your bills?

Put some money in savings?

Bought food?

Will you have enough left over until your next paycheck?

If you’ve said yes to all of these, then let’s get down to business!

Let’s check out some reasons on why you should splurge.

1) If you think about (insert desired item) all day/everyday

If you’re like me, then you’ll sit there and fantasize about how your life would change with this splurge. If you can’t stop thinking about those wedges, then you should splurge.

2) You deserve a treat!

You are a hard working, boss a** bish. You deserve a little something every now and then!

3) It’s on HELLA sale!

If the sale is irresistible, then it’s meant to be.

4) You’ll wear/ use it every day.

Okay you might not use your splurge every day, but if you’re going to pair those Vince Camuto heels with multiple outfits quite frequently, then go for it!

5) You actually need it

“How can you need a splurge?” you ask? Let’s say you’re a business bish—you need a professional looking coat, right?

Or maybe your designer jeans finally died

Or your designer handbag is beyond ruined from years of tough love.

Need I say more?

6) It could make your life easier

I splurged on duck boots and let me tell you—they’ve been a life saver. Life is so much easier during the rainy and snowy seasons!

This splurge doesn’t even have to be clothing. New electronics are great splurges that make life run smoothly!

7) It could save you money in the long run

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to kick myself for spending an embarrassing amount of money on cheap jeans from cheap stores I shall not name. I could have just sucked it up and bought higher end ones and still have them in my closet.

8) Just treat yourself!!

We work hard for our money, so it’s nice to be able to buy yourself something nice every now and then.

Do any of these reasons speak to you? What are some reasons you splurge? Share your thoughts below!

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