8 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15


So this is it, you’re off to college. You’re going to have some of the greatest years of your life here. You’ll meet incredible people, go on adventures, and make memories to last a lifetime. But there’s always one thing you’ll want to avoid your first year of college: the freshman 15. For some (aka me) it’s the freshman 50, but we won’t go there.

Resist over eating

I made the mistake of taking all of my stress out on food. Especially since I had a meal plan in the dining hall where you could get as much as you wanted to eat. Do. Not. Become. Me. Over eating is bad.

Drink Water

It’s easy to pack your mini fridge full of sugary drinks, but I made myself buy a Brita pitcher so I would always have water. Are you not a water drinker? Add some fruit and herbs for some tasty flare. I also packed my fridge full of fruits and snacks so there was no room for drinks.

Stay active while getting to class

Any campus, big or small. Try to walk, bike, roller blade, etc., everywhere as much as you can. Avoid using your car as much as possible. (You’ll save money, too!)

Eat less chicken

It’s so easy to get lazy and not want to cook a meal (if you can) or take a trip to the dining hall. Try to keep your trips to Micky Ds and Chick-fil-a to only a few times a week.

Pick healthier options

I know, this isn’t what you want to hear, but your body will thank you later. Keep this in mind when ordering that extra large iced latte with 4 and a half pumps of caramel and 3 and a quarter pumps of vanilla.

Hit the gym

Not in a mean way. If you attend a university with a gym- GO USE IT. It’s FREE. Unless they have some outrageous reason to charge you for a class or something. Seriously though, go swim laps or check out the cardio equipment.

Talk to your university counselor

Someone might think that this is lame, but your counselor can be a very helpful source for you. Not just for your physical health, but mental health. At my university, they had counseling sessions to help you understand why you have the eating habits you have, how to break those, and they would help you make a plan to stay on top of your physical health.

Get an accountabilabuddy

South Park, anyone? No? okay. Anyways…get someone who will hold you accountable for staying on top of your physical health. You guys could check in on each other, or even go workout/do a physical activity together.

What are some ways you avoided the freshman 15?

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