De-cluttering (When You Can’t Let Go)


We’ve all been there- watching the latest episode of “Hoarders” and can’t help but wonder if you have a problem with hoarding, too. Don’t deny it!

My mom is a hoarder, and I for sure have hoarding tendencies. It takes me forever to let something go, because it might have sentimental value, or I keep telling myself I’ll wear it eventually.

So, how can we declutter our lives? Let me tell you! Let’s declutter together!

Let’s start with our closets. Go through every single piece of clothing you own. While going through your clothes, make three different piles: things you wear consistently, things you rarely wear, and things you haven’t touched in a year or more. I’m going through my closet with you guys and it’s not easy!

Pile 1) Things you still wear. Pile 1 you can keep for sure.

I left everything that I still wear in my closet. I pulled out two piles of stuff that I want to get rid of.

Pile 2) Things you rarely wear. Pile 2 is something that you’re going to have to justify to keep around. If you wear 4 items only 2 times a year, it might be time to let it go. I tried to convince myself to keep all of these things, thinking I would wear them, BUT I stayed strong! I’m parting ways with this pile.

Pile 3) Things you haven’t touched in a year or more. Pile 3 is another story. If it’s hard for you to let these pieces go, you need to sit down and have a hard conversation with yourself. Pick up every piece in Pile 3 and ask yourself, “Do I really need to keep this? What value does it bring me? If I really want to keep it, when do I plan on wearing it?” I’ve done this before, and it takes me at least a day to convince myself to sell something or give it away. Don’t give in- you can do it! Get rid of your clutter!

Let’s be real here, those t-shirts from high school aren’t going to wear themselves…and neither will you! I know us, okay? You’ll keep telling yourself you’ll wear it, but will you? If those t-shirts mean so much to you, try making a t-shirt blanket! You can use that for sure AND keep your high school memories.

So, what are you going to do with Pile number 3? I plan on trying to sell the stuff I pulled from my closet, and if I can’t do that, then I’ll just take it to a clothing drop off box!

Is decluttering hard for you? I can relate. Tell me about it!

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