Fighting the Fitting Room Blues


Do you have a hard time stepping foot into a fitting room? Girl, you are not alone. I DREAD stepping into a fitting room, even though I’m super excited to shop. The fitting room is a whole new realm of truths. You realize things you never thought you’d see.

While I shop, I have to work the courage to make myself go to the fitting room. No matter how many times I try to eyeball sizes, I wish I could but it never works for me. If you can do that, kudos to you.

When I’m good and ready to face the fitting room, I walk in with a ton of confidence. I look in the mirror and think, ‘alright, this isn’t so bad. I look hella good today!’ But then I start to try stuff on- and bam. The truth comes out. I fell in love with a pair of work out leggings from Asics, and I soon saw what and how much people can see. I’m not talking about my underwear here. They can see my cellulite. You could see every square inch of cellulite on the backside of my legs. I was so embarrassed that I sat on the bench in my fitting room for about 10 minutes wishing I didn’t have such fatty legs.

Sulking doesn’t change anything–just your attitude. Whenever I get discouraged in the fitting room, I have to sit down and have a motivational chat with myself. You’re born with one body; you should love this body because it’s the only one you get. Is loving your body easy? NO. It’s hard as hell some days. But you have to look yourself in that fitting room mirror and get a hold of the person you’re staring down.

You are you and that’s what you should focus on. You are beautiful no matter what. Beauty standards are unrealistic for people nowadays. Use the beauty you have to build your confidence. The beauty you have is unique. Don’t focus on your flaws; focus on what you love. To get myself out of the fitting room blues, I start admiring all of the things I love about my body. I love my waist, my smile, my hair, and my bootay. ❤ I kid you not- sometimes this is a 30 minute or more process.

You’re worth so much more than sulking in a fitting room because you don’t look like everyone else. Embrace the body you have.

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