The One That Didn’t Exist



You know what that means…

Another embarrassing date story, from yours truly.

So, I matched with this guy on Tinder, right? We talked for almost a month before we actually found time to meet. I wasn’t in a rush or anything; I just hate the feeling of waiting to meet someone, ya know? We got along over text really well, we had a lot in common, AND he would even call me. Which people rarely do anymore.

After trying to get a date set up, we finally agreed on a date, time, and had decided on what we were going to do.

We were going to meet for coffee (shocker) and as always, I got there first to make sure we had a table. And I didn’t want to be the one searching for him at the place. I got there an hour before hand so I could work on homework while I waited for him.

THREE HOURS GO BY. He never showed up. He texted me after he was 2 hours late and said he was so sorry, he had lost track of time. He begged to make it up to me by going out for ice cream and walking around a near by lake. I like lakes and ice cream, so my stupid ass said sure, why not?

We agreed to meet at a local ice cream shop an hour later. I show up to the address of the ice cream place, and IT FREAKING WENT OUT OF BUSINESS MONTHS AGO. Also, he never showed up. Did that surprise you? Me either. Maybe he didn’t actually exist?

I gave up and went to go get my own ice cream. I mean, at least I got a shake and some homework done?

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