The Texter


Happy Friday lovelies ❤ It’s been a long week, but let’s forget about that with a worst date story from Bethany.

So, Bethany found herself a tinder date. The two met at Ihop for their first date. You’re meeting over breakfast food, so this has to be heaven, right? WRONG. Bethany tried making conversation with her date — only to get the worst response someone could give. He shushed her. Like, who does that?

He said, “Shhhh they’re listening. People find me interesting and you’re pretty, so they’re going to snoop.” Bethany’s date let her know that he doesn’t like to talk in public, so they had to have all of their conversations over text. Mind you, there was only one other table being served in the entire restaurant.

Don’t worry, it gets slightly worse.

After their first date, Bethany got a text from the same guy asking to meet up again. She said no and guess what his response was? He had the nerve to ask Bethany to Venmo him $25 for gas money.

Needless to say, they never went out again.

I wonder if he found his texting queen?

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