Why I’m Choosing to Scare Myself in 2020

So, you’re sitting on your couch eating a bowl of chips and chugging your way into 2020. Don’t be embarrassed, that was me to a tee. (Twinsies?) As 2019 (finally) came to an end, I reflected on my year in review. What did I actually do? I completed my capstone project, got an internship, moved […]

6 Tips to Make Your Mornings Easier

My current position requires me to be at work at 5:00am (ew), which never used to be easy for me, and frankly, sometimes it’s still a pain in the arse. On the mornings that aren’t easy: 1) I am usually not in a good mood (2) I’m late (3) I end up forgetting to do […]

De-cluttering (When You Can’t Let Go)

We’ve all been there- watching the latest episode of “Hoarders” and can’t help but wonder if you have a problem with hoarding, too. Don’t deny it! My mom is a hoarder, and I for sure have hoarding tendencies. It takes me forever to let something go, because it might have sentimental value, or I keep […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Splurge

So, you find yourself walking around Nordstrom Rack (or where ever you find yourself) trying to conjure up all the reasons why you do/don’t need whatever it is that you’re death clutching in your hands. I’ve been there my friend and it isn’t easy! If you want to talk yourself out of that amazing deal […]