5 Things High School Doesn’t Teach You

Let’s be honest: adulthood isn’t always glamorous, but I would never waste one of my three wishes on the chance to relive my high school career. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for the musical opportunities and amazing people I met during high school, but I don’t miss being treated like a child or […]

8 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

So this is it, you’re off to college. You’re going to have some of the greatest years of your life here. You’ll meet incredible people, go on adventures, and make memories to last a lifetime. But there’s always one thing you’ll want to avoid your first year of college: the freshman 15. For some (aka […]

What Your College Professors Won’t Tell You

While pursuing my Bachelor’s in Social Work, my department faculty raved about how easy it was to find a social work job. Anywhere. Anytime. It was so incredibly easy. They said that Social Work is one of the most versatile degrees, because you can move anywhere and still have a job. There are a million […]